VR Racing Sim meets Arcade Racing
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Sometimes racing sims are a little too…sim. Drive combines sim and arcade racing for beautiful and thrilling VR racing experiences.

Sometimes you just need to drive.

Jump behind the wheel and immerse yourself in the car as you experience the thrill of racing, battling against opponents over a range of tracks. Feel every bump in the road, the weight of the car shift as you take that corner a little too fast. DRIVE puts you in the race every step of the way. Perfect for casual racers and for the more hardcore sim drivers.

Built for VR supporting Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Supports non VR play also.




About the game


DRIVE Road Map

The full feature set of DRIVE is being developed. Once complete the game will have the following features:

  • Full range of tracks

  • Full range of vehicles

  • Online multiplayer

  • Achievements

Early Access Program

While DRIVE is in early access we will be releasing updates regularly to add new content and game play features. Check back here for news of upcoming releases and updates.


Early Access Features

The early access release of DRIVE is available on Steam with the following features:

  • VR and non VR play modes (VR support for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and WMR)

  • Drive modes: practice sessions, quick race, full race with qualifying, championships

  • 13 tracks

  • Four cars (with selectable paint job)

  • Race up to 19 opponents

  • Car set up customisation including ABS, steering assistance, traction control, anti-roll and choice of automatic or manual gearing.

  • Vehicle damage

  • Pits system featuring damage repair

  • Vehicle wear: tire wear and fuel usage

  • Championships

  • Challenges race modes - Jumps Races, Checkpoint races

  • 1st and 3rd Person mode (both in VR and screen mode)

  • Global Fastest Time Leader boards

  • XP System

  • User Stats


Range of tracks to test your skill with up to 20 opponents.


Various cars with multiple paint jobs and setup customisation.


Supports VR and non VR play. Controller, keyboard and wheel support.


Damage system with fuel usage, tire wear and vehicle damage.


Pit System for repairs, new tires and fuel top ups.


Championship mode



Be part of the development and growth of DRIVE. Join our community as we continue to develop and improve the game. Get early access to the game and interact directly with the developers during our weekly live streams and even take part in multiplayer streaming races.




DRIVE on YouTube

To see more DRIVE videos and past episodes of the Live Stream visit the DRIVE YouTube Playlist.