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Arcade Racing finally coming to VR

Grab your headset and hold on, this VR racing game is intense and fun.



Adelaide, South Australia

30th May 2019


Virtual reality studio Novus Res today announced the 7th June 2019 as the release date for their new VR arcade racing game titled Drive. Drive is a VR arcade racing game combining elements of sim racing with more arcade-like game play, an area currently under represented in the VR racing genre. With beautiful visuals and tough but fun racing Drive takes you back to the old days of arcade racers only now with VR you get to feel the thrill of the race. Drive will be available to download in early access on Steam from Friday 7th June.

“We’ve had a lot of interest in the game during our alpha release, people really seem to like the arcade style of play we’re aiming at. We wanted to make sure the game looked beautiful and that it really feels like you’re in the car, but with game play that is more arcade like, more fun and less sim-like.” said Luke Wilson, lead developer on Drive.

The alpha release received praise from the community for hitting a gap in the VR gaming space. In a review @UKRifter said “It’s what we’re missing from VR racers right now…this is really fun” while Lincoln Klay670 gave it a ‘thumbs up!”. “We’re really pleased with the community response and are looking forward to growing a VR arcade racing community” said Luke.

Drive was built for virtual reality from the outset and provides everything you’d expect from an immersive racing game. The visuals are beautiful, and the game play is fun and intense, the sense of speed really hits you as soon as the lights go green. The computer opponents are tough but have a realistic feel, as if you were racing against your friends. They race hard and won’t hesitate to bump and knock you if you get in their way. A win feels earned in this game.

Supporting Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and WMR headsets as well as inputs from various steering wheel setups the developers have made sure they give the best driving experience while maintaining what we love about arcade racing.

Despite being in early access the game has a rich feature set and plenty of content which provides hours of game play. For those who just want to jump in and race you can, however using the various driver assists, damage mode and fuel and tire wear allows players to have a richer driving experience while still maintaining the fun of arcade racing. The Championship mode provides players with opportunity to get serious and test their skills and consistency over multiple races.

So it’s time to strap in, get your engine revving and make your dash for glory. Download Drive on Steam from 7th June 2019.

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About Novus Res

Novus Res is an independent virtual reality development studio located in Adelaide, South Australia. Its focus is the creation of unique virtual reality titles for the global market. Novus was an early adopter of virtual reality and began developing virtual reality software in late 2013. Novus has created a range of VR games and experiences including sports and racing sims as well as a range of VR training and educational applications. Novus focuses on developing games that make the most of the VR platform giving users the best in terms of immersive game play.

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