Offline Championships

As part of the development of DRIVE we are going to run some offline Championships through our Discord server. Each player should the races in the schedule and provide their results. We'll tabulate everything up after each race and post a running Championship Standings table.

Each race should be run on the HARD difficulty setting against 19 opponents with Damage ON. Feel free to choose gearing and driver assists as desired.

The Championship Schedule includes the following races:

Tycho Plains - 11 Laps

Jobenville - 17 Laps

Goldblum Circuit - 10 Laps

Tokyo R1 - 14 Laps

Burger Loop - 36 Laps

After you complete each race please post your the following:

- Your position

- Total race time

- Fastest lap

- Screengrab of Race Standing (optional)

The championship will be open for up to 10 players. Please indicate in the Discord if you'd like to join in.

Novus Res