Early Access Update 1

This update addresses issues around graphics and optimisation and introduces some new game play features.

We want to ensure that the game runs smoothly and has the best possible visual quality so we've taken steps to reduce the shimmering effect some players were experiencing particularly in VR and to optimise materials and textures.

We've also introduced the external 3rd person camera mode which works in both VR and screen mode. You can switch camera modes from the Options menu, by pressing C, the Back button or whichever button is assigned for your input device.

A few quality of life features have also been added including the ability to readjust your seat height while in car.

Graphics & Optimisation
• Texture and material optimisations to improve frame rate and level load times as well as reducing "shimmer effect" and overall visual quality
• Implemented Temporal Anti aliasing for VR to replace existing AA
• Improved initial data retrieval
• Rebalanced driver assists for better car control when driver assists are turned off.

New Features
• Added third person camera mode
• Added ability to adjustment player seating height in car
• Enabled full race mode for single race

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