Early Access Update 2

Update 2 has now been released. This update continues with optimisation and adds some new content and feature updates including a new track “Dustborn”.

In preparation for some larger feature releases in the coming weeks the update also includes significant plumbing work in preparation for future updates including challenges, achievements, additional cars and multiplayer.


New Content

·         A new track has been added named “Dustborn”. This is a long circuit located in a desert setting with long fast sections combined with tight winding curves and switchbacks.


Feature Updates

·         Added new user interface elements during the pitting process to let the user know what is going on.

·         Car engine updated to include starting the engine and handling engine cut off situations such as running out of fuel.


Graphics & Optimisation

·         Continued optimisation of meshes, textures and materials

New desert track Dustborn - 4.71km, 15 turns.

New desert track Dustborn - 4.71km, 15 turns.

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