Early Access Update 3

Things are really motoring along now (ha!) with the release of Drive Update 3. We’re continuing our early access program with this release and this one is particularly exciting as it sees the first addition of a new car – the Tracker Mk2.

The new Tracer Mk2 racing on the Illingworth Track

The new Tracer Mk2 racing on the Illingworth Track

The Tracer is a bit slower than the Monster F35 with a top speed around 220kph, but it has faster acceleration and better handling. The larger tires provide more grip so you can push it a bit harder into the corners however take care not to push too hard on the exit. Being a single seater open cockpit puts you low down on the track giving a super quick feeling. We hope you enjoy ripping up the tracks in this new beast.

Further work on the implementation of the new Challenge race modes has been completed ready for the upcoming release 4. This release will take longer than previous ones but we’ll post news as we get closer to completion for that one.

New Content

A new vehicle called the Tracer Mk2, a kart style single seater with an open cockpit.

Feature Updates

  • AI update - added a 'cow catcher' to prevent cars from pushing each other when they crash perpendicularly reducing congestion around crashes and increasing recovery time for AI.

  • AI update – Improved the AI vision to ensure cleaning driving performance.

  • Updated the respawn method for when cars get stuck in geometry or upside down.

  • Fixed bug with wrong loading graphics showing on some tracks.

  • Fixed bug with launch options through Steam. This should attempt to load the correct device as defined by steam launch options first and then fallback to previous user settings and should prevent a black screen when loading in Non-VR mode.

  • Increased the sound levels on the skidding and crashing sound effects.

Graphics & Optimisation

Continued optimisation of meshes, textures and materials.

As always, we love hearing from our community of VR racers so please get in touch if you have and questions or feedback.

Tracer Mk2 in the garage

Tracer Mk2 in the garage

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