Early Access Update 4


Drive – Update 4 Patch Notes


6th September 2019


Holy Moly, what a patch! We know it’s been a while, so we appreciate your patience, but we’ve taken our time with this update and jammed a whole new suite of features for you to enjoy. This update includes the all new arcade style Challenges racing modes, a new car, profile stats and global leader boards along with a whole new menu to run it all.

There are some extra features which weren’t quite ready for this patch such as an XP points system, two new cars and a couple of new tracks but these will be released in a smaller patch in a couple of weeks.

Also in the coming weeks we’ll be releasing some more challenge modes as we expand out this feature as well as expansions to the stats and leader boards.


New Content

  • New Car: The Valtrus 2200. This is an older style open top two-seater car  allowing you to feel the wind in your hair as you race. The Valtrus is quite heavy (at around 2,000kg) and although it has a powerful engine it does run slower that the other cars currently in the game. To counter the weight the suspension is soft and bouncy providing a dynamic drive.


Feature Updates

  • New Front Menu – To incorporate the new features in this patch we’ve completely redesigned the main menu screens providing access to new information and racing features, and to provide easier and faster race setup.

  • Challenge Modes –You can now race a variety of challenge races such as Jumps and classic Checkpoint racing. This is an exciting new racing mode bring more of the arcade style of racing that Drive is all about.

  • ·Profile Stats – Your racing stats are now saved against your profile so you can track your progress over time. Stats include things like races complete/won, kilometres raced and as with challenges this feature will expand over future updates.

  • ·Global Leader boards - Your fastest laps are now stored and ranked on a global leader board for each track so you can see how you compare against other racers.

  • Tool tips - Addition of tool tips and game play hints during the loading screen


Graphics, Optimisation & Bug Fixes

  • Updated layout for 3rd person camera mode

  • Fixes for in car UI bugs

  • Fixes for in game End Race menu flow

  • Fixed bug in Championship related to AI finish times being captured incorrectly

  • Updated the Car respawn mechanic for instances where cars flip or get stuck with wheels off the ground.

  • Fixes to Championship file validation

  • ·Fixes to persistent player data

Novus Res